Rescued furniture
We save discarded furniture, bring it home and repair and refinish it.

Lyre back chair
We found this on the side of the road, needing a cleaning and with a terrible fabric on seat. We cleaned it, tightened the joints, and reupholstered the seat. Joe tried using it as an office chair for a while, but it didn't suit, so we donated it to Furniture Assist in Springfield, New Jersey.
This wasn't our first time reupholstering. We learning watching "Furniture on the Mend" and its successor "Furniture To Go", great shows. They have a website now.

  • Lyre back seat removed, repairs in progress
  • Lyre back close up after cleaning
  • The old fabric
  • The older fabric underneath.

  • Definitely not the original fabric, neither attractive to the eye nor matching the chair.
  • The old cushioning

  • You can also see the chair had been taken apart to be reglued.

    The result

  • Lyre back chair 1
  • Lyre back chair 2
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    Another road side find, this small table needed repairs to the lower shelf, plus the the entire piece needed refinishing. Joe built a new drawer, too, his first time doing dovetails, by hand.

  • Small table with drawer
  • Small table with drawer

  • First dovetail
  • Second dovetail - oops!

  • Drawer for table
  • Drawer for table

  • The different colors were deliberate, for a visual contrast.